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Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds
Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds
Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds
Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds
Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds
Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds

Hemp Wrap Pants - Seconds

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Slow Fashion matters, just ask our planet!

This pair of Unisex organic hemp and cotton blend wrap pants are closer to the very first original jeans than those that are sold today, without the toxic price tag to you and our planet. 

These are specifically seconds, there is nothing 'second' about them, the design, skilled sewing, pattern etc are simply perfect, it's  just our natural indigo vat was getting a little fatigued so the indigo blue is not quite as dark as I'd usually aim for. We also no longer make them, so once these are sold out at this sale price (40% discount) that will be it forever.

The history of this design, specifically the indigo hand eco dye is steeped in tradition, love of mother nature and care for our collective.

Real indigo is not the standard blue found in todays jeans as you’ve all come to expect, it’s much deeper, much richer with multifaceted hues of this majestic colour.  It’s a gift from the Earth, and though we are unable to grow the Japanese kind legally in Australia our very own Australis Indigofera has magical properties all of its own. 

Indigo dyeing dates back to the 1600’s, where indigo fabrics were worn under the armour of Samurais to assist in keeping bacteria from wounds during battle.  It’s not only antibacterial, it’s flame resistant and repels dirt and odours, just like Hemp does naturally, they are truly a match made in Utopia.

We sow it, grow it, water it from our rainwater tanks and care for it. We love it, harvest it, dry and ferment these beautiful leaves and though our production is nothing along the lines of what you’ll see in Japan we are proud of our little acreage, and especially our Indigo.

The hand eco dyeing completed on our Organic Hemp Bedlinen and our Hemp Ethical fashion is a labour of love and cannot be amortised in cost to our customers as they would be purchased few and far between. The love we have for this art and nature is what inspires us and drives us to continue, in the hope that we will indeed create positive and lasting change to the industry as a whole.

The design of these pants has your comfort your body and style in mind.  We spent many weeks perfecting and trialling this pattern so it’s just right for all body types with two sizes available fitting size six through to twelve and another from size twelve through to twenty.  They are sewn by hand here by our Master Seamstress and Best Friend Zsuzsanna and created with love with every single stitch and detail.

Luxurious and elegant, effortless style for the conscious consumer, the purchase with purpose. There are multiple ways to wear them though we personally prefer to wear them tied front to back then back to front with the front scoop creating a long skirt appearance on the bias which is so very flattering.

These wrap pants are incredibly elegant and so very easy to dress up or wear casually, and of course as they are created from our Hemp hero they are naturally easy stain release, anti mould and mildew, odour resistant, have a high breathability factor, soak up moisture in hot climates, will become softer and with more drape with every wear and like all of our Hemp creations are built to last.

Loving our ethical fashion? Why not check out our organic hemp bed sets? Or for more information about our beloved hemp you can learn more on our blog or about pages.

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