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Inspired by Hemp,
Created by Hand


About us
Sometimes life sends you in an unanticipated direction, but once you find yourself on that new road you realise you’re travelling in the direction you should have been going all along.

That’s what happened with Jul, founder of Mandala Dream Co.

After a massive widow maker heart attack in 2012, Jul found herself reassessing every aspect of her life, including her profession. Having worked in the corporate world of media for almost thirty years, Jul knew she needed to make some big and impactful changes.

With a passion for art, creativity, yoga, meditation and healing, it was time for a monumental shift in thinking. Long concerned with the impact of our choices on the environment, Jul brought together her interest in the creative arts, her knowledge of the benefits of hemp, her passion for wellness and community to form Mandala Dream Co.

Mandala Dream Co is a small-scale cottage creator that takes pride in being able to pay attention to the finer details , producing quality hemp products using organic, ethically sourced materials that honour the traditions of hand- made intentional craftsmanship. From organic hemp blend bed linens to the Ecoistic / Meraki line of hemp skin care products, everything that Mandala Dream Co. creates is made with love and devotion and with the intention of enhancing your well-being.

All Mandala Dream Co creations are gentle on the planet and when we can ’ t make something ourselves, we source our ingredients from ethical, fair trade sources. When you purchase from Mandala Dream Co you are facilitating positive change for the environment, the Earth and her people. We are profoundly grateful that you have chosen to come along on this journey with us.


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Mandala Dream Co

We support local sustainable & organic production, if we don't grow something ourselves for our hand eco dyes, we search for local farms or growers, using fair trade, making it mutually beneficial for all in our community.

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Mother Nature’s Hero - Hemp

Choosing organic & beautiful sustainable fabric & ingredients such as hemp, organic cotton and it's blends was a non negotiable for this range of organic creations.

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Botanical Colours

As the bodies largest organ, the skin functions as a barrier but also as a conduit for outside substances to enter. In the same way that the skin may absorb environmental toxins & chemicals it also has the ability to absorb the benefits in our natural dyes & infusions.

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Your bedlinen or slowfashion creations begin with organic hemp cotton blend fabric perfectly measured, cut & lovingly sewn into your desired pieces.

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