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Mother Natures
Hero - Hemp

Choosing organic & beautiful sustainable fabric & ingredients such as hemp, organic cotton and it's blends was a non negotiable for this range of organic creations.

For our bed linen the fabrics used are infused with organic Moringa leaves which are thought to be the most complex leaves on our planet.

The Mandala Dream Co - Ecoistic / Meraki range encompasses skincare & toiletries lovingly created with botanical & organic ingredients including hemp seeds, hemp seed oil & CBD.

We adore industrial hemp...Hemp is unique, every part of the plant has use & value. Yes, its the same genus as Cannabis sativa however industrial hemp is a distinct strain with unique biochemical composition and uses which are one of mother natures wondrous gifts to us. You can't smoke hemp!

Over 30,000 products (& counting) can be made from this precious crop. The texture of hemp is similar to flax linen, the slub is beautiful, creating a texture with depth & warmth like no other. It's versatility to blend with other fabrics is astounding, ranging from heavy twines to the softest of silks. It's lustre & drape is not found in other natural or synthetic fibre.
High abrasion resistance & strength, items made from hemp will outlast any other, making these custom made pieces truly an Heirloom investment. Hemp becomes finer & more luxurious with every use, it's what's called a 'wear in' fabric, it never dulls and it releases stains easily. Hemp is naturally resistant to mould & mildew. It's fully biodegradable & easily recyclable. ​

Hemp is an environmentally organic friendly crop which requires no pesticides or herbicides when grown. One acre of hemp can produce as much useable fibre as 2 acres of cotton. Blends of our favoured fabric hemp have been used in the loving creation of our bedding & decor due to a number of factors including weight of fabric, ease of care, health benefits, sustainability, & it's simple beauty. ​

Organic cotton has been used as a blend with the hemp for much of the bed sheet & bed linen range, allowing the perfect weight for varying climates, whilst also making the creations suitable for the most stringent of vegans.

Reuse, recycle & replenish the planet.

Custom orders are welcomed with delight, whatever ideas you come up with you can be sure we'll embrace them & work with you to deliver your desire.

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