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Your bedlinen creations begin with organic hemp cotton blend fabric perfectly measured, cut & lovingly sewn into your desired pieces. Washed in rainwater & soap berries the piece is transferred directly to the vat for the organic Neem and/or Moringa leaf process.

At a controlled temperature & over time we can ensure the benefits of these magnificent leaves are infused & trapped in the fibre. This also enable preparation for the fabric to absorb the next steps including ayurveda herbs, medicinal plants & their wondrous colours & healing benefits or the eco printing. No chemicals are used in these steps to enable the body at rest to absorb the pure organic properties through the skin to promote healing & restful sleep.
Your creation is folded & tied into the required shibori design & specifically blended herbs, plants, flowers, roots & barks are prepared for the dye bath. Every step in the preparation of these pieces, the temperature & timing of the dyes, the number of dye dips, the blends & the equipment used is lovingly controlled. The piece is then hung to dry in shade before its final wash, ironed with patchouli & sandalwood & prepared for branding, personally labelled & packaged.

Our skincare & beauty range are created by hand using fresh certified organic ingredients & botanicals. Small batch created & tested thoroughly for quality & effectiveness.

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