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Care Instructions

We recommend washing your Hemp bedding with a ph neutral detergent (highly recommending soap nuts/berries) & dried on your washing line naturally, preferably in the shade for the Eco dyed range.  Be sure not to use washing detergents with harsh solvents as this can breakdown the natural wax layer and wear your bedding prematurely.
As your Hemp bedlinen will stay much fresher for longer do try to wash only half as often and test this wonder for yourself, water is precious and the planet will thankyou for your efforts.

No bleach, softener or additives should be used as it will weaken the fibres & may strip the plant dyes prematurely.


​Note: If using the dryer, on a rainy day, take out just prior to being fully dry to minimise creasing. Whilst your hemp creations may be a little stiff initially (like a luxurious hotel linen) the 'wear in' nature of hemp will see each piece becoming softer & softer with each use, gaining further drape & luxury with every wash.

Hemp allows me to create for you perfect 'heirloom' pieces which will last generations if cared for correctly.




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