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Botanical Colours


As the bodies largest organ, the skin functions as a barrier but also as a conduit for outside substances to enter. In the same way that the skin may absorb environmental toxins & chemicals it also has the ability to absorb the benefits in our natural dyes & infusions. The most effective time to use these fabrics is of course at rest, to cocoon yourself in healing fabrics when your body is naturally healing & establishing balance is optimum.

All organic fabrics used in our bedlinen are infused with organic Neem leaves which are thought to be the most complex leaves on our planet. The tree has over 130 biologically active compounds. Over 2000 years of traditional South Asian medicine is testament to the wonder leaf. The medicinal properties include antioxidant, anti parasitic, anti inflammatory. antiseptic, antiviral & are especially useful in the treatment of excema, psoriasis, acne, boils & other skin conditions.

​​Our Range can also be infused with the magnificent Moringa Leaf if requested. In Jamaica (my husbands homeland) the Moringa tree is known as the 'Never Die Tree'. Analysis has found that parts of the Moringa tree & specifically its leaves, contain huge amounts of plant hormones known as Cytokinins & an exceptionally high level of Zeatin. Cytokinins which are known to delay the aging process with its effects on cell division along with it's strong antioxidant properties.
Our hemp based skincare & beauty items are created with 'Meraki' - ie. love & devotion, organic of course & with our hemp hero front & centre, you'll find more information including all ingredients on the individual product pages. We have used exciting plant botanicals, mother natures bounty & plant derivatives to create skincare & beauty items that not only work but are good for us & our planet at very reasonable pricing. Ingredients include, hemp seeds, hemp seed oil, olive squalane, diatamaceous earth, aloe vera, moringa, arrowroot, coconut oil, essential oils, carrier oils such as calendula, camellia, hyalauronic acid, petals, salts, bi carb, shea butter, tapioca starch, & this range will continue to evolve with additional products in the coming months. All ingredients are certified organic & purchased in Australia. Our creations are 100% free of cruelty, parabens, palm, gmo, sulphates & Full of Organic Vegan Love. We have a refill discount policy on all glass bottled items, & a no waste policy that ensures all of our leftovers & remnants are used for other creations.

​100% Organic 0% Compromise. ​Eco, ethical, sustainable cottage business is slow, unapologetically.


Each colour utilsed in this art is organic, free from pesticides, treatments or chemicals, generally found on our property or sourced from local producers. All produce used is seasonal, colouring changes occur due to weather, soil, yield & water quality. Water used is 100% rainwater from the sky.

Each plant provides a remarkable variety of shades & by using some medicinal plants a vast array of health benefits. Plant based natural dyes will have some fading over time, some are light fugitive, some continue to oxidise after the initial dye baths, some will change due to ph of waters or detergents. Generally they become more beautiful then their initial colour.
No two pieces will ever be the same, the living & loving process of plant based dyes will birth irregularities though elegant & beautiful. For some, irregularities may appear as faults, for me they appear as life. Being obsessed with keeping this art 100% organic requires irregularities to be commonplace. ​

Natural dyes are substantially less destructive to our environment, even our waste is used as a natural fertilser for our plants. Natural dyes symbolise centuries of creativity, wisdom & craftsmanship.
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Mooladhara Chakra, Root Chakra
Life Force, Earth, Sense of Smell, Passion, Adrenal Glands, Vitality, Energy

Ingredients - Berries, Cherries, Avocado Seed, Neem

Ayruvedic Benefits include glucose control, immune stimulation, improves energy & stamina.

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Golds, Yellows & Oranges

Swadhisthana Chakra, Sacral Chakra
Water element, Reproduction, Joy, Desire & Creativity, Emotions, Lymphatic System.

Ingredients - Turmeric, Onion Skins, Marigolds, Eucalyptus, Saffron, Neem

Ayruvedic Benefits include anti inflammatory, antioxidant, skin enhancement, brightening, detoxification & rejuvenation, antifungal, respiratory infections, healthy joints.

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Indigo & Blues

Vishuddhi Chakra, Throat Chakra
Communication, Listening, Throat, Thyroid, Expressive, Artistic, Spirituality

The Ajna Chakra, Third Eye Chakra Pineal & pituitary gland, Charisma, Sense of Thought.

Ingredients - Australis Indigofera, Neem

Ayruvedic Benefits include, antibacterial & anti fungal, stimulates immune system, skin purification, detoxification & blood pressure regulation.

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Sahasrara Chakra, Crown Chakra
Pituitary Gland, Nervous System, Element of Light, Brain, Heightened Awareness.

Ingredients - Sunflower Seed Hulls, Logwood, Lac, Red Cabbage, Purple Carrots, Neem

Ayruvedic Benefits include detoxification, lung & bowel health, migraine cessation, assists with ear infections, inflammation, & fevers.

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