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Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear
Hemp Yoga Wear

Hemp Yoga Wear

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Namaste Yoginis ...

The perfect partners Hemp and Yoga are finally, and beautifully partnered.

Sewn locally here in Kobble Creek with precise detail by my good friend and skilled seamstress Ali at Holscott Harvest, who works with absolute love, passion and intention.

This yoga (active) wear has been designed with nothing but Yoga, style, comfort and your support in mind.  I've been wearing my set now for over 2 months and love everything about everything!

Hemp is odour and stain resistant, hard wearing and durable which is perfection when it comes to the blissful and sometime difficult work we find for ourselves when we show up on the mat. It will wash beautifully each and every time and last you eons!

With a high wicking factor (aka ultra absorbent and quick drying) and exceptional breathability, there is not much more we want when giving ourselves the needed attention and love giving ourselves over to Yoga.

The shirt is based on the Classic Ballet wrap - elasticsized through both the ties which glides through an opening on the side seam, and also the neckline, allowing you to decide on the look and feel, whether high cross or low cross over, and the ties are extra long giving you the ability to change up the look with back or front ties, knotted or tied in a bow.

Evolutionary Yoga pants! They don't scrunch up! This hemp fabric is blended with 5% Elastane, so it will give you a strong support where needed, but it won't give that unhealthy compression that affects your circulation negatively, which seems to be a standard in the current active wear on the market.

Whether you are working on your best Half Moon Pose, or sweating out doing sequences of Sun Salutations you'll be comfortable, stylish and poised to take on your next Yogic challenge in these thoughtfully created pieces.

This fabric is difficult to come by during these planetary shifts currently, but I'll do my best to find more in these colours (and more) in the coming weeks.  For now all that is shown in inventory is all that's remaining, so don't waste time grabbing what you really wanted.  Australian postage on these is free :)

They are generously sized so if you are say,...a comfortable size 14, go down a size where you see the crossover and you'll find your perfect fit.

Any questions or concerns?

Please email me directly on and we can work through anything together.

Organically yours

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Sizing for Hemp Yoga Shirts

S 8-12/M 12-1/L 16-18/XL 18-20

Sizing for Hemp Yoga Pants

S 10-14/M 14-18/L 16-20


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