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Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large
Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large
Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large
Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large
Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large
Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large

Organic Hemp Bolster Extra Large

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What’s your Yoga?  

For me, yoga has been a saviour, a blend of movement, meditation and counselling, that has allowed me to control my PTSD – my thoughts, my breath, my reactions, in fact…my overall health.

More accurately, wonderfully and intentionally guided yoga with my teacher, mentor and friend.

My yoga guide Deborah is so very much more than a Yoga teacher though (as if that wasn’t already enough). I like to think of her as the epitome of a spiritual green thumb…always carefully preparing, gently sowing seeds, measured watering and selective weeding, silently, slowly, mindfully, over many years now, and I’ve been the blessed earth.

She is one of those rare people who make you feel like you are the only person that matters, the one that knows exactly what you need, well before you even have the inkling that something is missing…that is until it’s not, and then realise it was she who gave me the cusp of the idea, the sprinkling of thought that metamorphosized into something real. She and Yoga collectively have changed my life.

And then there is the Yoga, always Yoga – Yoga off the mat, all day, everyday, in one form or another…it’s always there.  That’s not to say Yoga is IT for all, everyone deserves a Yoga…and that may not even be Yoga for you, it may be Pilates, Jogging, Fishing etc…just something, just for you, your space, your time, your thoughts, your form of meditation, discipline…ME TIME.

Eye Pillows and Bolsters, two things I need for yoga practice…and use regularly for so much more. Headache relievers, cold packs, meditation, mindfulness, sore muscle relief, stretching, body pillow, sleep aid, pregnancy comfort, trauma relief, even a safe place for screaming.

The sheer amount of relief and peace I’ve received from these two yoga props in the last 7 years is unfathomable, and the reason that it became apparent that an organic version of each was required.  Of course, it had to be HEMP, yoga props that you spend so much time with simply have to be Hemp! And hence, the Yoga Accessories Mindfulness Matters range came to be, dedicated to Deborah respectfully, as is much of my health, peace & focus.   

These hand crafted custom made Hemp bolsters are not only beautiful, they represent change, a transformation in an industry where environmental, organic, earth friendly accessories are both wanted and needed.  They are a pure restorative dream, illustrating my reverence for Yoga and Hemp and the positivity they have added to my life.

A standard extra large bolster measuring 75cm in length & 27 cm in diameter, and weighing a solid 3+ kgs. But the size is all that's standard about these bespoke bolsters. Each and every one, one of a kind, not for everyone, but for those that truly believe Mindfulness matters.

We've created these with a number of options allowing you to choose the earth friendly luxury you crave, whilst being mindful of differing budgets and needs. This custom made creation is for the entire bolster (cover & hand stuffed hemp inner). See the other product listing should you wish to purchase the bolster cover only.

** Due to current supply difficulties- only recycled plastic bottle stuffing/filling is currently available - price has been lowered to reflect this.**

These bolsters are pure unadulterated hemp.  The outer cover (which can be ordered in the raw ivory or in our eco plant hand dye designs, detailed below) is 100% Hemp Canvas, hard wearing, durable and climate friendly with an upholstery grade zip.

Why Hemp? Hemp is the most sustainable and planet friendly crop there is, the fabric is resistant to mould and mildew, is antibacterial, and naturally resistant to stains and odours making it a perfect match for yoga bolsters.

The inner cover (also zipped) is hand stuffed with Pure Hemp Fibre. You can however choose to purchase without the filling & use you own insert, and just order your bespoke cover only.

Eco Dyes (because Mindfulness Matters)

Berry Pink - Avocado Seeds, Berry ferment, Moringa

Indigo- Our home grown Indigo ferment, Moringa

Amethyst - Sunflower seed hulls, Moringa, Logwood Kino

Raw Ivory - Raw undyed hemp

Many bolsters are made from toxic man made materials such as polyester or nylon, the chemically derived fabric from bamboo, or the thirstiest & most sprayed crop of them all...cotton, dyed with commercial dyes and made in factories in the thousands. These however, are made by hand, by us here in Kobble Creek, using only Hemp and it's blends along with our plant based eco dyes and our love.

They are crafted to order based on your preferences, order load will dictate turnaround times (generally one to two weeks) which will be communicated with you should there be any delays.

Organic, sustainable, eco, vegan, cruelty free, hand crafted creations crafted with love & devotion, for the Zen in You.

Better for our Planet & her People.

We don't 'Do' retail, so as such don't have wholesale pricing (we prefer to leave the middle man alone), however if you are interested in purchasing in numbers please make contact and I'll find a way to make it work.



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