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Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum
Ecoistic Revolution Serum

Ecoistic Revolution Serum

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Do you scan your insta or facebook and simply detest seeing all that clear, blemish free, perfect skin? Photoshop, facetune!...just saying!

But you don’t need to edit your selfies when you’ve got naturally clear and healthy skin, so it’s worth any, and all of the effort!

Just when you think you’ve got into your confidence groove and things are smoothing out in your life, along comes hormones, imbalance, or stress, change and then…BOOM breakouts, acne, blackheads and oily skin, or eczema, dermatitis or psoriasis!

Never fear, we’ve got you! We formulated our Ecoistic Revolution Serum just for you!

Our Ethics: (Cause they matter!)  Every single one of our formulations are Free of cruelty, gmo, parabens, palm, alcohol, soaps, detergents, nasty toxic ingredients and plastics, and chock Full of organic, ethical, small batch, created by hand, vegan love.

We walk our talk!  Think of us as the healthy, mindful, intentional home cooked meal, not the fast food takeaway that just fills the void.  Which is exactly what you need when facing a breakout battle – nourishment of your skin is what’s been missing.

It’s simple science really.  Those suffering breakouts over clean their skin, thinking that less oil creates less breakouts, this is a disappointing MYTH.  Stripping your skins natural oil protection and bacterial barriers causes your skin to overproduce oil, create infection, become inflamed and you know the rest, more breakouts!. 

You know the drill, you cleanse your face with a soap based cleanser, or worse a harsh exfoliator or use a alcohol based treatment, and within a few days your skin is even more oily, more red and infected.

So what am I supposed to do, I hate my pimples! And I’ll answer that, the answer is oil! Specifically the organic oils you’ll find in our Revolution Serum formulation and it’s specific ratios of these that allows your skin to become nourished and hydrated and provide you with the much needed oil balance to resolve your breakouts.

This serum not only reduces the appearance of redness, inflammation and enlarged pores it will return your skin to a naturally balanced oil production that will get to work clearing up that gorgeous face of yours.

Ecoistic Revolution serum is a lightweight serum that packs a natural punch of just what you need to find that balance for a healthy and nourished complexion.  Revolution is not harsh, it’s full of natural healing ingredients, it’s a smooth velvety serum with a rich mood makeover scent of botanicals that nourish at just the perfect level to get you what you deserve…clear, nourished, healthy, balanced skin.

It’s science and nature combined, let me introduce you to the organic ingredients in the formulation…once you’ve read all they can do you’ll understand why it works so well and you can believe all the reviews!

Like these ones …

Olivia - I am not exaggerating this but I have never used a product like this and have seen major results that are so consistent.

I used to suffer with very bad acne. I have used so many different products over the years and have even seen a dermatologist, overall I have spent over 3k over the years with products that have not worked. Or work then my face becomes used to the product and it has no effect.

Meraki Revolution serum is exactly what it says it is. A Revolution. This product is truly something. I have gone to work with no makeup on, something I would never do. My skin texture is even, hyperpigmentation is non existent. Best of all it smells wonderful. I hope it never changes. This is one product I will continue to make purchases on forever!

It deserves more recognition after reading about it in the paper I thought I would give it a go. Best decision ever!

Not only that, I made a purchase this evening not thinking about what I was ordering. I ended up purchasing the wrong item. Julie emailed me checking to see if that was the product i meant to order as I had originally purchased the Revolution serum. If you hadn't of emailed me Julie I would have made a massive error as you said the shipping to the UK is very expensive. Not something I would bat 2 eyelashes at though considering how amazing it is. It’s worth every single penny. So Julie thank you again, continue to make your amazing ethical products and I will continue to spread the word to everyone!!! Xx

Jo Phillips - I have just ordered my 3rd bottle and I no longer need to use any other skin treatment. From the first usage I experienced miraculous results. It sounds so over the top but it is true. I have highly reactive skin with rosacea and brown pigmentation marks. I have very dry sensitive cheeks but also can get blackheads and spots. Day 1 after the serum the redness was reduced and my whole face looked and felt different. By end of week 1 my skin was transformed. Am and pm I use 5 drops , warmed in my hands and pressed onto skin slightly damp from rosewater . It absorbs instantly with zero oiliness. The scent is so relaxing and uplifting i love to breathe it in for a few moments before applying. I no longer have blackheads , my skin has healed and the thinness has gone, replaced with glowing healthy skin.  The pigmentation is very much reduced.
I have experienced outstanding communication and service from Juls at Mandala Dream Co . She has created amazing products from a heart of passion and genuine care for her clients. I have used expensive designer skincare and all the popular brands but this serum is truly exceptional and excels over them all. Thankyou Juls for my lovely skin, I get many compliments on it and am so happy to have found your Revolution serum
Jo P

So what’s in it? Here’s the list,(check for any known sensitivities) but read below for the Why’s.

Hempseed Oil, Conscious Botanical Devotion (CBD), Hazelnut Oil, Argan Oil, Rosehip Oil, Olive Squalane, Hyaluronic acid, with essential oils of Black Pepper Frankincense, Patchouli and Clary Sage.

We choose ingredients very specifically for their outstanding benefits.  You’ll often hear me refer to ingredients as being very similar to things that our body naturally produces, and that is really important. The closer the ingredient are to what’s already occurring naturally in our own body and in our skin…the more readily your body will accept them.

Hempseed Oil– this cannabis plant doesn’t have THC (the psychoactive component) in it to get you high (sorry!), but it is full of gamma linoleic acid, oleic acid, stearidonic acid (trust me it’s good stuff), the perfect ratio of omega fatty acids (which means it’s very close to our skins natural lipids so it’s easily absorbed into the skin). Vitamin D, Antioxidants, Vitamin A, and a whole host of    B ‘s - B1, B3, B5, B9. It contains all 10 of the essential amino acids, as well as chlorophyll, copper, iron, phospholipids, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, phytosterols, sulfur and zinc! Did I mention it’s even naturally got a SPF rating of 6? It’s such a clever oil, all while being non comedogenic (that is, it won’t clog up your pores). I’m rabbiting on with excitement, but Hempseed oil is known to be a wonderful daily moisturiser that firms, tightens and restores your skins suppleness, gently repairs dehydrated, red, sore, dull, greasy skin.  It will even out your skintone and over time will actually teach your skin how to retain moisture and importantly stay 'oil balanced'. That’s one very clever oil.

Conscious Botanical Devotion (CBD) for short, calms breakouts, inflammation, redness and itchiness whilst hydrating and fighting free radicals protecting your skin from the ravages of everyday wear and tear.  Wrinkles and aging are caused by oxidative stress, one of the many problems caused by free radicals.  CBD can assist with the appearance of lines and wrinkles and may even protect your skin from future environmental stressors.  CBD contains all 21 amino acids currently on record, it’s chock full of essential fatty acids Omega 3 & 6 which are vital for healthy skin. CBD may be in a long list of oils known for skin health but it’s even more powerful then Vitamin A, C or E combined, and my most favourite of all the oils we use for it’s effectiveness and immediate results.

Olive Squalane was often referred to as the Skincare ingredient of 2019…well we’ve been using it since 2016 … cause it just made sense! Just like the naturally produced squalane in our body it penetrates rapidly and though it feels lightweight it certainly isn’t lightweight in its power.  It provides superior fighting against skin damaging free radicals that contribute to any signs of aging. Just like Hempseed oil importantly it balances old production, providing enough moisture to keep your skin nourished and healthy. It’s anti inflammatory properties benefit sore, dry, overprocessed skin and will benefit those with eczema and acne.  It boosts circulation which in turn promotes the formation of collagen giving you a plumper skin and an instant glow, and of course it also gives you some UV protection.

Argan Oil calms inflammation while it moisurises and softens damaged skin, neutralises those nasty free radicals, helps to prevent signs of aging, and relieves itchy, dry or flaky skin.

Hazelnut Oil another wonderful balancer of your skins natural oils, it’s also one of the most stable oils available that nourishes and restores being rich in Vitamin E.  With powerful anti oxidant properties it’s calming for any breakouts.

Rosehip Oil another anti inflammatory, (very important to rid yourself of the inflammation from breakouts as this really helps any pimples look less angry) anti oxidant that neutralises oxidative stress.  High in Vitamin C it brightens your skin, effectively reduces hyper pigmentation and promotes healing. It’s antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal assisting in preventing infection. This ingredient stimulates macrophages to shift into a form that promotes good healing, versus healing that leaves scarring.

Hyaluronic Acid a little wonder and another property that occurs naturally in the body. It’s like a huge drink of water for you skin.  It’s such a smarty it’s able to hold up to 1000 times its molecular weight in water.  It is easily absorbed into your skin and binds water to your skin cells infusing all layers of your skin with much needed healthy moisture. It continues to draw moisture in and hold it providing lasting hydration. It’s a lipid barrier, meaning it fortifies your skins natural barriers keeping it protected from environmental factors allowing it to defend itself and keep the good bacteria that will fight your breakouts.

Essential oils are not in this formula just for their delightful fragrance either, everything included is for a higher purpose!

Black Pepper is naturally detoxifying,  high in antioxidants, antibacterial, and antibiotic properties and wonderful for pigmentation caused from scarring and breakouts.  Frankincense strengthens skin, improves tone and elasticity with tissue remodelling properties that fight bacteria and blemishes. Patchouli not just perfect for a mood makeover, it can help reduce the appears of blemishes and imperfections, whilst promoting a smooth and glowing complexion. Clary Sage gives a cooling sensation that will soothe inflammation, calms rashes and breakouts. It’s oil balancing properties stabilises the production of natural oil and sebum to prevent breakouts.

And….if you’re not convinced yet…I give up!, but I know you’re convinced, it’s not magic, it’s organic, botanic, scientific, common sense. 😊

Directions: Perfect for all skin types, fabulous for oily or combination skins prone to breakouts and those suffering rashes and flare ups.  Ecoistic Revolution Serum is best applied as a small amount on a damp face, neck and chest (2-4 drops). This application method facilitates penetration and absorption. Use morning and night and in place of a moisturiser and primer under cosmetics.

Recycle: check out our blog which has some great ideas on how you can repurpose, upcycle or reuse the bottle, because we care about the health of our planet as much as you do.

Loving our Revolution Serum? Pump up your experience by using the serum in conjunction with our Dream Mist and Oil Cleanser a combination which maximises hydration and balances that oil production which is key to a clean, clear complexion.

For more information about the naturally wondrous properties of hempseed oil and all things hemp, please visit our blog or about pages.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been enjoying our Ecoistic formulations.  Post your Mandala Dream Co photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mandaladreamco so we can be sure to find you.


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