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Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum
Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum

Ecoistic High-er Ground Ritual Serum

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At Mandala Dream Co here in Kobble Creek, Australia, we call the secret ingredient in our ground-breaking skin care formulas, Conscious Botanical Devotion, or CBD for short. Our formulations are free of Cruelty, GMO, Parabens and Palm, and full of Organic, Vegan love for our Planet. Each of our High-er Ground range formulations is small batch created by hand, and packaged in violet biophotonic glass for our Planet and it’s people.

Ecoistic ‘High-er Ground’ Ritual Serum 30ml is truly a Ritual we all need in our daily skincare regime if we are on the other side of our youth.  This formulation combines the perfect ratio of these beautiful and powerful organic ingredients:

  • Hemp CBD oil
  • Hempseed oil
  • Moringa oil
  • Red Raspberry oil
  • Prickly Pear oil
  • Pomegranate oil
  • Passionseed oil
  • Olive Squalane
  • Hyaluronic acid
  • Clary sage oil
  • Frankincense oil
  • Patchouli oil
  • Sandalwood oil
  • Vege Glycerin (USP)
  • Every vial of our Ecoistic ‘High-er Ground’ Ritual Serum contains Conscious Botanical Devotion, ie. made with our hands with love and devotion for Mother Nature and you.

Our endless and tireless pursuit of organic, ethical and natural skincare knows no bounds. Working to uncover the perfect blend of all-natural, organic ingredients, researching their beneficial properties, formulating just the right composition, then testing, and trialing before tweaking, re-testing, and re-trialing before finalising and offering to you.

Reward your skin to a Ritual of organic care, that's formulated specifically for mature skin.  A dose of renewal with this nourishing and hydrating formula. Redefine the appearance of your skins texture, tone, plumpness and glow. Prevent the signs of aging as you correct the appearance of age spots, pigmentation, lines, wrinkles and moisture.

A little about each ingredient in this wondrous formulation…hold tight it’s a long list!

Hemp CBD is the new hero of skincare.  CBD provides a particle that a free radical can bond with, which stops it from going on to cause DNA damage delivering a power packed anti oxidant.  CBD combats oxidative stress.  CBD delivers directly to your receptors, meaning your body is always ready and waiting to absorb the benefits it brings.

Hempseed oil is nothing new to our range, and you’ve all been beaten about the head from us regarding it’s benefits previously.  It’s the perfect daily hydrator and moisturiser, rejuvenating and tightening the appearance of your skin while leaving it plump and luscious with it’s high linoleic acid content.  It reduces the appearance of redness, discolouration, dull oily skin, evening out skin tone and reducing pigmentation. This oil balances your own oil production, teaching your skin how to stay hydrated longer with each and every use.

Moringa and it’s oil was an ingredient that I was alerted to in Jamaica, and you’ll notice we use Moringa leaves in the eco dying of our organic Hemp bedlinens so it’s no real surprise it’s been added into this formulation.  Moringa softens dry skin and maintains moisture.  It is high in antioxidants, fights free radical damage that cause skin tissue damage, plumps the appearance of lines and wrinkles.   The cytokinins promote cell growth and delay damage, whilst high in Vitamin C stabilising collagen.

Red Raspberry seed oil is high in Vitamin A and Vitamin E and essential fatty acids, linoleic, alpha linolenic and oleic acids all assisting to protect while replenishing moisture content. Wonderful for sensitive skin and rich in antioxidants giving the appearance of a youthful glow to the skin you’re in. Studies also show absorption of UV-B and UV-C ranges and with a broad spectrum UV protectant so it’s SPF is yet another benefit.

Prickly Pear oil will be another oil you’ll be hearing a lot about in the skincare industry in the next few years, it has exceptional hydrating qualities.  It contains the highest Vitamin E of any oil available 150% more than the much loved Argan oil and the highest ratio of fatty acids (88%) making it a powerhouse for your skin health. It’s also high in Betalains super antioxidants.

Pomegranate seed oil stimulates keratinocytes (major cells that are found in the outer layer of your skin) it assists to reverse the appearance of damage and revive your skin. It contains punicic acid and omega 5 fatty acid that fight inflammation and it’s yet another one of the included oils that provides protection against sun damage, something we all need to be very aware of here in Australia. Fabulous for oily skin and all skin types it creates a lasting moisture without residue.

Passionseed oil also known as Maracuja oil is a rich source of essential fatty acids and antioxidants, Vitamin E and A carotenoids and our favourite linoleic acid helping to slow the appearance of aging.

Olive Squalane - as one of the first skincare businesses to use this wonder in our formulations we are of course including this in our Ritual Serum. It’s positive effects on the appearance of uneven skin pigmentation, scars and age spots is second to none.  Much like retinol (but so much kinder) it fights free radicals caused by UV rays.  Squalane can fade the appearance of these spots over time and as it penetrates so deeply it boosts natural collagen adding yet another layer to this intentional formulation.

Hyaluronic Acid (a naturally occurring substance) plays a crucial role in skin health remembering it’s ability to hold in moisture at 1000 times it’s own weight.  It’s what’s known as a ‘smart nutrient’ as it adjusts it’s own moisture absorption rate based on the humidity. It protects your skin from the UV-B rays which can cause sun spots, increases the appearance of skin smoothness & the flattening and plumping of wrinkles.

Our use of essential oils in our formulations is so much more than just a pretty scent, we use exclusively organic permaculture oils in line with our ethos and love of all things Mother Nature provides and in the Ritual Serum we have chosen these for specific reasons.

  • Clary sage oil – hormone & oil regulating, reduces the appearance of lines, wrinkles & inflammation.
  • Frankincense oil – improves the appearance of elasticity, fades pigmentation, scars and age spots.
  • Patchouli oil – promotes new cell growth, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, antiseptic.
  • Sandalwood oil – improves circulation, reduces dryness, anti inflammatory, calming.

Ecoistic ‘High-er Ground’ Ritual Serum is best applied as a small amount (3-5 drops) on a damp face, neck and chest. This application method facilitates penetration and absorption. Use morning and night and in place of a moisturiser and/or primer under cosmetics. Before using, give the bottle a good shake to mix the organic and active properties.

Return your violet biophotonic serum bottle to us if you’re a local for recycling and a discount, or check out our blog which has some great ideas on how you can repurpose, upcycle or reuse the bottle, because we care about the health of our planet as much as you do.

Loving our Ritual Serum? Pump up your experience even more by using the serum in conjunction with our Ceremony Rejuvenating Body oil, a combination which maximises hydration, improves the appearance of cellulite and boosts collagen production.   If the area under your eyes needs a little special attention, our Eye Alchemy is specifically designed for use in this area.

For more information about the special properties of CBD oil, please visit our blog or about pages.

We’d love to hear from you if you’ve been enjoying our Ecoistic skin care formulations.  Post your Mandala Dream Co photos on Instagram with the hashtag #mandaladreamco so we can be sure to find you.



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