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In this fast paced, instant gratification world we live in... the word & meaning of 'slow' sometimes is forgotten, or thought of as a negative.  The meaning according to the trusty old dictionary...

moving or operating, or designed to do so, only at a low speed; not quick or fast.
"the old lady walked slowly'

But let's consider the synonyms, measured, moderate, deliberate, steady, gentle, comfortable, slow fashion, slow decor, slow food, slow creation...
They all have the same driving ethos, that which is in opposition to mass produced, factory made products with negative impact on workers, ecosystems, families, communities & our planet.  It should instead be about the quality not the quantity. It's about healthy, organic, fair trade, local produce. Sustainability is it's very core.

In fashion many 'slow fashionistas' use the 30 times method...if you won't wear it at least 30 times, don't purchase it.  With the same reasoning your Tshirt should not cost less then your chai or capuccino.  Somebody, somewhere is suffering for you to wear it, child labour, cruel slave trades, factories taking advantage of those without the correct visa or paperwork.

Even in the digital world many companies are hiring Virtual assistants from countries such as the Phillipines. Though these people are highly educated they are duped by Australian companies into working long hours for less then a quarter of the wage an Australian would receive on the award rate.  Some, will even pretend that they are doing it for the philanthropic notion of helping out those less fortunate...but the truth is they want everything fast, inexpensive, the quality & integrity mean very little to them.

It's simply wrong on so many levels, not to mention unhealthy for all involved, including the end wearer of the toxic fabric tshirt made by someone for almost nothing. Someone, somewhere made those inexpensive items we are all sadly taken in by,  but we are responsible for ourselves & bit by bit we can change the world...
in my case, I'm attempting to do that 'One sheet at a time'.

This is why I do what I do, slow, organic, purposeful creation.

Following my heart attack I was advised I must get 8 hours sleep, we all know how difficult that can be in our fast paced world, where families need more & more of you, work requires hours of commuting, extended hours are no longer 'overtime' but just the entry level in keeping your role. Quality time with the kids & your loved ones is an absolute must, but to do so, something always gives.  Mothers are the first to put their own health & well being at risk for their families.  Truly believing that the nuturing of 'everyone else first' is the key to being a good wife & mother.  I was well into that trap (for many years) until my health told me clearly I was doing it wrong.

Making these changes is not easy, I for one am well aware of that, but over time with conscious effort it can be achieved.  We can all do 'with a little less', there is no need to keep up with others, max out credit cards, have the latest in every technical gadget, the best of everything, the latest brand name fashions, whilst having the worst of lives & health.

Slowly, we made changes to our lives that mattered. We started small & inexpensive & used the opportunities to create those quality of times with one another.  We started to grow as much of our own food as possible, learned about companion planting, aquaponics & reusing as much of our waste as we could.  I learned yoga, with an amazing teacher & mentor who set me on the clear path I follow today.  i eat better, sleep better, relax better & think better - using nutrition, herbs, & yoga to keep me on a healthy track & ensure I get a great healing nights sleep.

When  our body is at rest, we are healing,

Sleep is  our bodies cue to detox, heal & repair, physically, mentally & emotionally.  Lack of sleep and a sleep of less then 6 hours is linked to poor health.  Our everyday lives are filled with environmental pollution, toxins, poisons, pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals.  It stands to reason that being in an environment as pure as possible during sleep would be beneficial if not mandatory...that is how this little organic cottage creation business came to be.

Explore the creations, find a fit for you...or better yet contact me & we'll discover it together.

Organically yours... Jul

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