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Oil Cleansing is the Holy Grail for your Skin!

       It’s been quite some time (like 9 years…damn I feel old) that Oil
Cleansing became a thing, though I think here in Australia we
were a little reticent to embrace it, it’s most certainly got
a worldwide cult following now. 

So here’s the low down on Oil Cleansing!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Oil dissolves oil!
Cleansing oils very smartly cling to any excess oil on your skin, along
with make-up, cosmetics, environmental pollutants, excess sebum and
sweat and whisk them away.  While it’s cleansing your skin beautifully
it’s also hydrating and nourishing.
As with all of our formulations our Hemp Cleanser is also soap free so
there is no harsh detergents scrubbing away your natural protective
barrier.  It works beautifully on every skin type, fabulous for the more
mature skins (yep that’s me) but even better for those with oily or
combination skin and particularly useful for those suffering from acne
and breakouts. We've had particularly good results for those with acne,
keep an eye on our instagram for some before and after results.
When you use a traditional soap based cleanser your not only stripping
away the cosmetics and pollutants on your beautiful skin, you’re also
stripping away the needed protection your skin produces naturally. 
Soap based cleansers certainly strip away all the grime and oil –
but it doesn’t know when to stop, it’s so incredibly harsh it leaves
your skin dry and damaged, and your skin will work at triple time
trying to replace that lost and needed oil protection.
It's a vicious cycle for those crippled by acne, they clean and clean
believing losing the oil will help their breakouts. 
But, the exact opposite happens, your skin will continue to go
through this cycle of overproducing oil, only making
any breakouts even more severe.
That’s where Oil Cleansers are the answer, though they’ll cleanse
your skin beautifully they won’t strip your protective barrier, in fact
it will be nourished and over time your natural oil production will
balance, the effect? balanced oils, protected skin, less breakouts.
How to use Cleansing oil? 
With dry hands, and a dry face, massage it gently in a circular motion
on your face, neck and chest.  I like to use it just prior to having a
shower and letting the steam do some of that extra cleansing for
me, but there is no need, simply remove gently with a facewasher.
Our Organic Hemp facecloths (made by hand with love here in
Australia) are perfect for this, add to that they are stain, odour,
mould/mildew resistant and just need to be tossed into your weekly
towel wash, they’ll last forever and you’ll be saving the planet from all
those nasty disposable facewipes.
Consider double cleansing and repeating the process once a week
for that extra lift and polish to your skin.
The oil cleanser replaces your usual cleansers and face washes,
but do make sure you remove and rinse your face thoroughly and complete
your usual skincare routine with serum, or moisturiser, eye cream etc.
If you’re not using the perfect blend of Oil Cleanser, such as ours 😊
you can run into problems, so be sure to read the ingredients list –
some oils simply aren’t as appropriate as others for cleansing.
Below is a basic list of the comedogenic (pore blocking factor) ratings
for our most commonly available oils & ingredients. There are times
of course (eg. Mature skin, very dry skin, body oils etc) where the
higher rating can be a blessing, and may have other benefits that
outweigh their comedogenic score, but for cleansing stick with a
mix of the oils rated 2 and lower, remembering it’s the ratio
that’s important.
If you're searching for the perfect oil cleanser formulation, that's simple
because it works, is organic, small batch made, eco, low waste,
packed in glass and vegan, look no further than our Oil Cleanser.
It can be bundled up with the Organic Hemp face cloths for
further savings here.

Happy Cleansing!

A nourished skin, is a healthy skin!

0 won't clog pores

1 very low

2 moderately low

3 moderate

4 fairly high

5 high















Apricot Kernel







Evening Primrose









Watermelon seed



Papaya Seed



Emu Oil






Olive Squalane

Passionfruit seed





Aloe Vera


Peach Kernel





Prickly Pear






Red Raspberry












Sea Buckthorn
























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