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Looking after those Pits - Naturally

Switch to a natural, organic deodorant.

Smelly Pits?  I talk about pits and smells a lot with my clients.  Thankfully many more are moving over to natural Deodorant, and it’s high time you did too.  The science is inconclusive, but that’s not enough reason to take the risk.  Many deodorants and antiperspirants contain harmful ingredients such as aluminium or parabens and let’s face it...underarms, lymph nodes and breasts are very close and loving neighbours.

What’s Harmful about them?

Parabens are used in many deodorants and many skincare products as preservatives.  Parabens have been found in breast tumours and though there is no supporting evidence it causes the tumour… is using artificial preservatives worth the risk?

Aluminium compounds that are found in antiperspirants are used as a plug that stops the sweat ducts flowing.  You simply must sweat, that’s the way we are built, plugging it up isn’t a healthy option, sweating helps us regulate our temperature (a natural function), and remove toxins, furthermore there is a chance that aluminium absorption can have hormonal ramifications, and estrogen can promote the growth of unhealthy cells…such as cancer cells.

Don’t you think it’s time to swap?

How to detox your pits and change over to a natural organic deodorant.

Here in Australia, it’s a great time to detox – particularly now that we are getting into the cooler weather. To detox your precious pits and to do the necessary changeover you must firstly find a brand that you align with. 

Here at Mandala Dream Co we use 100% organic ingredients (no compromise), no parabens, palm, gmo, we are cruelty free, vegan and package in glass (even our postal packages are plastic free).  We are low waste, offer discounts for returned glass and as a small batch, hand crafted business, everything is made with love right here in Kobble Creek, Qld, Australia by me personally.

There are plenty of options for natural and organic deodorants, so look around and find what’s right for you.  You could even DIY and trial some recipes online yourself, which give you the opportunity to personalise the scent (but beware those pits are sensitive little things so do bear that in mind)

It will take up to 2-3 weeks before your pits detox and you’ll start to settle in to the new improved deodorant regime, don’t give up, give it the needed time, any hassle is well worth the effort.  During detox take some of your deodorant with you to work/play etc and reapply throughout the day if you feel it’s necessary. Be prepared you may even smell worse during the detox – your pits may be detoxing in a major way after years of antiperspirant and chemically laden deodorant abuse. 

After that initial changeover you’ll notice that your body will adjust and you will only need to use in the morning and after your yoga or gym workout moving forward. You will still sweat, naturally and healthily as you should, but it won’t smell and you won’t be blocking those toxins in this fragile and precious part of your body.

You’ll find our natural, organic and hemp based deodorant (Pit Potion) here, while you’re at it take a look around at all of the small batch organic hemp wonders we’ve created over the years.  The new Ritual Serum for mature skin is a life changer!

Feel free to drop me an email anytime, you can be sure it will be me that answers 😊

Organically yours,

Jul xo


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