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CBD is a HOT topic, so let's break down the facts...

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of 100+ cannabinoids found in the Hemp & (Marijuana) plants belonging to the Cannabis species. Extracted & purified into an oil, it’s non-psychoactive (ie. there is less than 0.3% THC …what many of us Australians refer to as what gives you the ‘high’ in Whacky Tobaccy) (which makes it perfectly legal). 


CBD plays a significant role in communicating with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). This system responds by sending messages necessary for optimal body & cell function.

Our bodies endocannabinoid system is a well documented & researched system. It is responsible for immune support, mood elevation & importantly our restorative sleep.  Additionally, it aids in the reduction of stress, anxiety, pain & inflammation.
 The system is made up of endocannabinoids (also known as chemical messengers), receptors & lipids. These are designed to support the body in maintaining cell equilibrium. The body is dependent on this system to assist general cell function & transport necessary communication between organ systems. 

Phytocannabinoids (ie. Plant)

Endocannabinoids are necessary & are made naturally in the human body. Plant based versions of phytocannabinoids exist also & they are found in plants such as Hemp, Echinacea and Cacao. Ongoing research continues to reveal how a lifestyle that includes phytocannabinoids supports overall well being & feeling better naturally, without the need for pharmaceuticals in many instances.
CBD occurs naturally in the hemp & cannabis plants. It is found in its flowers, seeds, and the stalk of cannabis plants that include both marijuana and hemp. Cannabidiol is among the more than 400 compounds that are found in cannabis sativa. CBD is no longer a little-known molecule. It’s now a potential breakthrough therapeutic aid & nutritional component. Unlike the other cannabinoids, CBD occurs in significant amounts in these plants & can be extracted quite easily.  By far the cold pressed method is the most popular & the least damaging to this wonder of the humble plant, which is why we will be using 100% cold pressed oil.

So how can it help your Skin?

Acne, redness, sun spots, eczema, psoriasis, scars, skin ageing etc can be very difficult to deal with & of course affects not only our outward appearance, it negatively impacts our sense of wellness, our confidence & our general well being emotionally.

A common factor of many skin conditions like acne and psoriasis is inflammation, which causes scaling, swelling, redness and other visible changes in the skin. So how can CBD help? One reason is that cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties, which aid in calming inflamed cells. CBD  outperforms vitamins C & D as an antioxidant for the skin. It can also provide much-needed balance to a deficient endocannabinoid system.
Much of the inflammation associated with acne is due to the fatty acids & the bacteria that are present in the skin. In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD also has very strong antibacterial properties. When applied to the affected area, it will work as both an anti-inflammatory & an antibiotic.

Unwanted skin conditions reflect a body that is in some way out of balance. The endocannabinoid system (ECS) regulates all the bodies major systems including the central nervous system which of course includes our skin. When the body is in homeostasis, it is in balance, and it just doesn’t get any better than that.

When you combine those anti-bacterial properties & anti-inflammatory properties with CBD’s propensity to provide the body with overall balance (aka homeostasis), you not only see improvements at the problem location, but also in your overall complexion.

When there is an overproduction of cells, as there is in psoriasis, the skin appears inflamed and scaly as excess cells are sloughed off. Some psoriasis treatments deal only with the skin condition itself. However, CBD similar to other cannabinoids has immune suppressive properties, which means it works on skin conditions from the inside out. Every persons response to CBD will be different, but with time CBD shows potential to improve the condition.
CBD is a natural element in our humble hemp, CBD hemp topical and oil supplements have become very popular worldwide & the research continues to surprise & delight many. 


With our well known love of all things Hemp we certainly couldn’t let others bombard the market with second rate, toxin filled products, so of course we will be bringing to you all very soon our premium Meraki skincare range including the wonders of full spectrum cold pressed CBD.

Our first release will be an exceptional facial serum to smooth wrinkles, calm acne inflammation & redness, whilst tightening the skin on the face, neck & chest.  Similar to our other fabulous Meraki Hemp seed oil formulations we will be utilising all the very best organic natural botanical wonders, including CBD, Hemp seed oil, olive oil, rosehip oil, argan oil, hazelnut oil, olive squalane, hyaluronic acid, frankincense & star anise formulated to perfection. 

Eventually we plan to source an oral CBD supplement to add to our range of healthy, mindful, sustainable, eco & ethical creations.

In the meantime, do your own research, make up your own mind, & consider making CBD a part of your health routine for your skin & your overall wellbeing. 

Organically yours
Jul xo


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