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  • Self Awareness

    Self Awareness - We all have a choice in how we choose to move into our future
  • Oil Cleansing is the Holy Grail for your Skin!

    So here’s the low down on Oil Cleansing! Yes! Yes! Yes! Oil dissolves oil!
  • Say NO to Toxic Chemicals in your Shampoo & Conditioner NATURALLY

    Ecoistic Sanctify will wash out the dirt and excess oils in the rinse but all the botanical nourishment will remain – you see, the cleansing is the conditioning!

  • CBD is the Beauty Industries 'Darling'

    CBD is a huge buzzword in skincare right now, but most of you are already well versed on this subject, due to your relationship with the Mandala Dream Co Ecoistic skincare.
  • Your Pechoti Gland - Belly Button Secrets!

    Have you ever even heard of the pechoti gland? It’s certainly not something much of western culture knows about, however in ayurvedic medicinal practice it’s rather common.

  • The History of Cannabis

    Cannabis is considered to be one of the first cultivated plants in human history, a fact many are unaware of.
  • Looking after those Pits - Naturally

    Switch to a natural, organic deodorant.  Smelly Pits?  I talk about pits and smells a lot with my clients.  Thankfully many more are moving over to natural Deodorant, and it’s high time you did too.

  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder- PTSD

    Life wouldn’t be Life without challenges.

    For most, these challenges are simply that, part of life.

  • The Link Between Dental Health and Your Heart

    It turns out that there is a known link between certain strains of periodontal bacteria and coronary heart disease.

  • Organic Hemp Bed Linens

    We love our hemp sheets! If you’re wondering why we are so passionate about our bedding, this blog post should answer all your burning questions.
  • A Wondrous Ingredient from Mother Earth

    According to the Australian skin care industry Olive Squalane is the ‘must have’ ingredient for 2018, at Mandala Dream Co our Meraki Hemp Formulations have included Olive Squalane from the very beginning in 2016.  Ahead of the pack yet again.
  • Medical Cannabis - Coming to a Town Near You!

    As a passionate advocate for hemp, it was impossible for me to learn about hemp without also learning a lot about cannabis. The more I learned, the more I came to appreciate the incredible potential for medical cannabis


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