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From the very beginning, This was much more than a purchase - it was a wonderful experience! There were conversations on colour, design and fabrics from my custom order along with beautiful photos and status updates to show me the progress every step of the way. Julie is a wonder and her commitment to organic, earth friendly sourcing and creative processes and knowledge of Ayruveda was apparent throughout.

- Marilyn (Canada) Beautifully Botanical sheets sets & matching pillowcases

Beautiful soft fabric and a rich golden yellow colour. A fabric label was provided listing all the health benefits which I can include when giving them as a gift. Thank you Jul.

- Robyn J (Austrilia) - Set of pillowcases,
Beautifully Botanical

Mr H was a bit skeptical last night- asked if I had washed them, thought they were going to annoy him. Woke up this morning and said, that the best nights sleep I've had in ages, Love these sheets!

- Erica (Brisbane) - Naturally Raw Sheet
Set & Pillowcases

OMG! How fantastic. Thankyou for producing such amazingly wonderful products. love love love xxx

- Sue (Sydney) - Meraki Skincare & Beauty Collection


About us

At Mandala Dream Co our mantra is Changing the World one Hemp creation at a time.

That’s what we do. We create with kindness and intention. Everything we create - our bed linens, skin care, haircare, beauty and yoga accessory creations - are crafted slowly. Carefully. Mindfully. Organically.

We love hemp, and all that it can accomplish with sustainability at it's very core. We sleep well at night knowing we have done everything possible to create our products ethically and consciously, with love, care and devotion to sustainability, our planet and her people.

Our company name expresses who we are and why we do what we do. A Mandala is a symbol of the universe. Everything we do has an impact on the cosmos and the mandala is the ultimate symbol of that sense of wholeness, of oneness, of working for the greater good.

The Dream is to resurrect, renew and embrace eco-sustainable practices and ancient traditions. We embrace the Dream from start to finish in our creative process.

The Co. is you. You are the company we keep, our clients who discover us because you are looking to heal —yourself and the planet. You recognise that’s what we are doing too - healing body, mind, and spirit with products created with love, kindness, and with our full intention.

By collaborating with you, the conscious consumer, we are collectively imparting positive change for the environment, Mother Earth, and her people. For all of us. For our shared future.

We all have choices to make and those choices do make a difference. From the bottom of our hearts, we welcome you on this shared discovery.

Australian owned, designed and made.

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